..........breathe in this feeling

..........breathe in this feeling

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hyclass. "I need you" mixtape

Over the past decade, i've had the privilege of having a friendship with a seriously talented woman who I call my wife and consider as a Sister. She and I have lived, Djed, toured together............we have a bond that can never been broken. Whilst I've been focusing on Art, she has been making music and come out with an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G hip hop release that I simply have no words to describe. I'm so proud of her and her star is so on the rise.......... I'm lucky enough to know this woman so I thought I'd ask her some questions so that you could get familiar too

Me: Why Rap? How and When Did you start?

Hyclass: Why rap? Because I couldnt sing like Mariah! Haha *half serious* lol no, but seriously.... I grew up listening to rap music, so it was familiar and I was naturally drawn to it. I loved the presence and energy that rappers had. the ability to tell a story through that kind of creative medium, it just excited me. I loved having an outlet to express myself without being limited, there are there are no boundaries to your creativity. and it started when I was 13 & I decided to write a poem in class because I was low key pissed off with my friend, she was always creeping on boys I had a crush on, so I thought OK bitch, let me get busy with this pen. HA! It was funny, from there I never stopped writing and I would just make them into little rap songs in my room.

Me: Musical Influences?

Hyclass: ah shit musical influences
It could go on forever, but Ill go with... Nas, Ghostface Killah, Chaka Khan, Mary J Blige, Aaliyah, Jay-Z, Mobb Deep, ATCQ, Lil Kim, DMX, De La Soul, Janet Jackson


Me:you're an Alpha bitch........what's your take on Aust hip hop and the guys in it

Whats my take on it? Well, I would never discredit the group of people who have built it and identify with it, because I know the ones I have interacted with that helped built its foundation are true artists, who deserve respect for what they do. And for those that follow on under that whole movement, if your proud and love being apart of then that's cool. Other than that I'm not really associated much with it, I just take people for who they are, and what they show me.

Real talk tho, Its changed a lot now. There are so many different groups of kids that are doing all kinds of shit. With the Electronic scene as well, its just changed up the Game. Kids wanna be artists.

Me: when are we hitting the strip club, finding some male groupies and wildin' out

Hyclass: I dont think we ever were looking for male groupies babe, they were following us around like flys to shit
And if im at a Strip club, i could give a fuck about a Dude like, im looking for fat asses and titties, like I will eat chicken wings and watch girls twerk on a poie quite happily, without male company. And im not even gay, but thats just the way that shit goes

this is why I love her........... and this is how i roll. We ain't for the soft at heart

Run the T.R.A.P

I share so much of my life on social media.......
I don't understand these women who take selfies and post all over the internet looking for attention.
I came up from nothing...... social media got me noticed and I was able to fund my time at fashion school through appearances and tour management.
Then because of that I got a dj career.
Then cause of that people knew who i was and wanted to buy my art........

My hustle online has always been financially focused....

but in saying that, I'm currently enjoying having this little space to let off some steam and talk about my life.......

I love my extreme, savage men........ but the sun is out, it's a beautiful day and deep down......... I'm just kinda in lust with an ink free man who has his shit together and enjoys life.

I guess part of me enjoys the confusion people experience witnessing the visual of my day to day vs what is actually going down.

My real crew know the deal...... that's all that matters.

I guess what I'm saying.......... don't waste time worrying what others think...... do you. Your real crew will have your back.....the rest can get fucked

You asked so here is the answer...........

Since I got back on social media and started blogging, i've got used to rather abstract messages............ but it never ceases to amaze me how many people ask what kind of guys i like. So for those who have asked....... these are the guys i consider the hottest creatures to roam this planet lol

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

sIMMER DOWN, pucker up

How cute is he!!!

This one purchased the original of my Mermaid Life piece.......... I'm a bit in love with how cute this photo he sent me is.......
¡es tan lindo! 

You got me lifted feelin' so g.i.f.t.e.d

He pasado los últimos días dejarme un día de fiesta ..... mucha sunbaking y sin el estrés de tener que hacer el maquillaje. Ha sido increíble xx ........... PERO facturas no paga a sí mismos , tienen que volver a mi vida Arte trabajar ajetreo

Monday, October 26, 2015

I woke up like this...

So the affair with Armand Van Helden.........
this nigga I just called and said "yo I'ma put you on blast on my blog" ......he laughed and asked how big my ass was these days. I told him to fuck off and it derailed into our usual phone convo style........ I love this man as a fellow creative. He is naughty, he's abstract but he also has an amazing heart and we are crew for life xx

If you ain't on board, you playin with team D

I guess i need to explain in some form my sexuality and love life at some stage......... actually fuck it. draw your own conclusions.
I operate in a form that works for me...... you go do you

Saturday, October 24, 2015

My Everything........

.......................... i can't lie. landing this man..... batting well out of my physical league.

....and the Hair Game continues.....

Yo, like MJ doctor, they killing me
Propofol, I know they hope I fall
But tell 'em winning is my motherfuckin' protocol
'Cause I score before I ever throw the ball

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Dizzee Rascal........

The time I went on tour with Dizzee and witnessed 3 guys on Collins street try to attack him in Melbs. The entourage kicked in and I suddenly realized why black rappers take entourages to racist countries.....

Slut Shaming

Amber Rose has recently opened up the convo about "slut shaming"
Which is basically, abusing women who choose to own their bodies, their sexuality and god forbid, if a female wants to wear a short dress or sleep with someone on a first date, she's instantly an utter whore.

I got slut shamed.
Ironically by a male I have never met.
And had no interest in ever meeting.
He also went on to run his mouth and abuse my best friend.
In fact his fascination with us edged on the bizare.

I don't particularly want to give him screen time but its an important story for women about the slut shame phenomenon and the lengths basic people will resort to.

So Mphazes .......aust hip hop producer. bipolar mental with a fetish for brown women
Here it is.

Took me a few years to get strong and become the woman i am
but shit.......i'm here now in full effect

Why the hell did i tolerate years of you slamming my name?
You then suddenly become best mates with the ugly fat version of me and both ride my name on twitter?

Ladies.......... you know a guy 1. has a mental health problem. 2. has a small dick and 3. is obsessed with you when it gets to this level

Basically....... moral of the story. Don't accept being slut shamed and don't allow your mind space to tolerate the bullshit of someone who probably is just so in lust with you, doesn't know how to step x

The Beginning......

I wrote a long post on my facebook public art page thismorning about being an intelligent bitch owning her sexuality vs a dumb girl at home taking selfies in a push up bra.
But then it kinda hit me.

As women we fear being judged as whores or basically anything that doesn't make "baby mother" material.
But why?
Because we are scared we won't secure a man to be in our lives and then procreate with to then bear children who we assume will then care for us in our old age

It's all just basic survival.
What if you actually banked on yourself so much as a woman you didn't give a fuck?

I kicked off at 19 doing artist management. 20's became a Dj and at 31 i'm a Visual Artist
I've lived so many years operating in male orientated fields.

And its struck me...........

The stories I have about men on the music scene in this country.
Shit...........they can go on tour, fuck a gang of bitches, act like idiots
yo that's apparently all cool.

But you put an alpha female kinda in the public eye who is ethical and responsible in her sexual habits and suddenly thats a slut?

Certain Aust hip hop kids have been polite to date cause they know the material i have on them.
But I just woke up and realized......... i've been slut shamed so hard for them running their mouths, so i ain't got shit to lose.

So this is the call out......

I'ma start sharing s.h.i.t........

kick off................... the local guys are utter basics so lets give them a min to freak the fuck out and ponder how they bout to explain "that time" they cheated on their wives/girlfriends or attempted to.


We had a long stretch over 2 years. He'd come to Perth, I'd take him to dinner with my gay best mate. I knew artist he flossed with back in the states. He'd tell me to stop swearing. I'd tell him to use cutlery like a human instead of grasping it with his fist and looking like a dick in restaurants. We ended because he was left holding my glomesh purse at a budget nightclub in Perth and I preferred dancing with a white geek kid.

Friday, October 16, 2015


I've been unwell for the past few days.
I look utter shit.
I went to the shops, no makeup, trackpants and beanie.
Get out the car to hear "Hi Kate Jean"
I have an utter fetish for grey hair and muscles on a tall guy....
This was grey hair, muscles and a tall guy.........
He started talking about liking my Art.......
I was overwhelmed with how crap I was looking whilst visually undressing him.......

I really need to stop leaving the house without makeup

Thursday, October 15, 2015

...... n'a jamais aimé personne comme je l'aime

Occasionally you are fortunate to meet your other half.
I met mine and he's equally as insane.
Sure, we aint a couple........that would be way too much trouble.
But i love you, I feel you and you get me too.
So this is mad love to my brother from another mother
ehy yo, we on some psychic shit.
Had me crying these happy tears all day.......can kinda blame the hormones but also this situation, insane.
i love you x........................and sometimes yeah i do wish one of us was stable enough to make the other their boo.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

We can both rock a street but I own it on the V.E.R.S.E

His verbal flex be classic.
He like my ass be M.a.s.s.i.v.e.
Ain't runnin streets on gun crime.
But run the trap always with the next pink spray can on my M.I.N.D.
uNLIKE most of the toys. I don't post my late night Art noise.
Ain't about to let an ego get me arrested
Been in a jail cell previous and been t.e.s.t.e.d.
Shout outs to my bestie currently behind bars.
We'll see you on the 18th, counting down to gettin back to havin you as my side k.i.c.k.
Only nigga i know who'd roll streets with me at 4am.
knife niggas for disrespect, stay watch out whilst my paint is still wet

and still be the loveliest gentleman i ever met

Red Wine and Cheese before Bed time

Miles from my home.
My style has G.R.O.W.N.
i NEED a man on his shit who can kinda H.A.N.D.L.E it
Maybe just maybe I recently found you.
Or maybe this is my time.
To shine on the solo flex.
I don't ask alot but fuck up and yeah.......I move to the N.E.X.T
I can write in rhyme for days.....my brain is abstract like that
but ask me to do a tax return or invoice........yo, im utterly L.A.M.E
So that's why i surround myself with my Mermaid Mob
I bring some colour, they can actually do the J.O.B
i'M HECTIC AS HELL HURTLING at 100km an hour
but thats just daily life for me
and maybe part of that madness can be harnessed in a Warhol esq P.O.W.E.R.
Next verse, is she an internet ho?
I run my body as an extension of my A.R.T
and I sell this brand of crazy kooky to let others know
"Beauty" comes in all shapes and forms
and P.A.R.T
physicality, yeah thats there,
but if you have an intellect and a lil flare
girl.........you hotter then a runway strutter right T.H.E.R.E.
Third lyrical flex.....stay with me, there wont be a next
But i also wanna say
I own my sexuality and I don't post this shit as a game.
So to all the females thinkin' stick to 3rd date rule, pretend you don't have a libido and feel you have to conform to outdated ideals on sexuality.....
The arcaic Christian view......
Girl.....just be real to you, your body and your self and do Y.O.U

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Shop Mermaid Style

Starting to put a few pieces up for sale........more added daily. Welcome to Mermaid Life

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Night x

juste avant le coucher .... je lutte avec les choses que je devrais dudit . peut-être je me trompe peut-être ..... je me trompe . mais je sais que pas mal de communiquer dans la chanson

Temps de sommeil

Amateurs français font mieux ... bonne nuit enfants x

I need the T.O.P.......

If you know me, you know me not to S.T.O.P.....

If you sign up as Side Chick....then B.E on your shit

Hold Up. Bitches Simmer Down
Never said I was exclusive but never left you alone in the C.R.O.W.D
i am A M.E.R.M.A.I.D Ms
Scoop you up quick but just as soon to k.i.c.k
you out the door
wanna act wild? cry? change the rules mid game?...B.O.R.E/WASTE TIME
See the thing about Life. 
I'm Trife, ex Dj, Artist and run risks roll of dice.
You got to decide Y.O.U
I cant do it for you..........can't be some "half" to fulfill you
I run an individual game, Kate's my name
I put you in frame for a lil, maybe the shine got you flexin a lil harder then you shoulda
Be thankful for what you got.
 I give respect but once you wild out....

It's L.O.S.T