..........breathe in this feeling

..........breathe in this feeling

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

..........and then Venus arose from the S.E.A. Welcome to the divinity of A.S.H

When you finally (or if you ever) make the move as a woman to break free, not give a damn what society thinks and run wild.........it's the most liberating experience. It also gives you a huge sense of respect for the other women around you doing the same.

Ash is a tattoo covered goddess who I have the up most respect for. She juggles being a Mother with running a work hustle that is second to none. If you get born in this world with a vagina, you're already at a disadvantage.......then society tries to pin women down even further by shaming them about their bodies and sexuality.......

fuck that............some of us refuse to conform to that bullshit............. Ash is one

Me: "So you're this inked up mega babe, what do you do for a job?"
Ash: I am a high class courtesan. I am also setting up my online business and agency.

Me: Do you find that people judge you because you are incredibly beautiful and not affraid to own your sexuality?
Ash:No not really, sometimes on social media but I find it more funny and I like to stir the pot when that happens. I love people though and I believe that you treat everyone with the same respect as you never know a person's story. So I try never to be nasty, everyone deserves respect and love... to a point. Sexuality is the one thing that we own, the one thing that we can either express or keep to ourselves.

Me: I admire that and part of what i enjoy about you is that you are so open.....its the people who repress their true selves and hide behind closed doors who are the most unhealthy. So how long ago did the tattoo's start and are there plans for more?

Ash:Its so unhealthy! I started getting tattooed when I was 16. My mum took me to get my first, my tramp stamp on the grounds that I didn't get any more. The artist remembered me and tattooed me without mums permission for the next few. Mum wasn't happy, but my family have always let me be me. I wanted to be fully covered from about the age of 13 so now I plan to be mostly covered. I am not keen on back tattoos and I won't be able to see a back tattoo anyway. So everything but back. I'd love to get something you have done on myself. I love your art.

Me:Oh thats rad!! i'd love to do something freehand on you. the only reason i have a tattoo is because someone was teaching me how to use a gun. Now, i could ask you about feminism, business hustle, travel etc but we all know the main question people want to know is are you single and how does a guy get your attention

Ash:Well we are gonna have to make that happen! I have a partner and he is the sweetest. It's kinda new. He was very persistent and as much as I pushed him away, he never left. He is an old school romantic. He brings me flowers, which he picked and thinks it is weird that I say I don't want flowers from someones garden, but it is very sweet. He opens doors for me and will spend his last dollar to make me happy. Very chivalrous. But I really don't have a type. Although I very much am a 'relationship type' of girl and have had 3 long term ones of 7y, 5y and 5y. I think that having these long term relationships is what gave me the opportunity to grow in my Sexuality and explore me. My best friend is one of my ex boyfriend's and I love him to death. I love my potential partners to have ambition and great morals, beautiful caring souls. Our looks are going to fade so it is important to have substance as a person, and that is what gets my attention.

Me: That's beautiful but cue the sound of male hearts breaking everywhere. its interesting, there is you and one other fierce strong woman i follow on social media.........whilst you were replying she's posted about getting dumped and being heartbroken. meanwhile i'm finally calm and can work because i have a new partner......................in some ways i think its so hard to be an alpha female that we require some kind of back up in order to keep grinding

but anyway

last question

where are you currently. can people see you anywhere. any links to places crew can follow you

Ash: So true. Having someone brings my feet back on the ground. Otherwise id be a billion times more crazy haha. I have an instagram @ashfahy My Facebook page Ash Fahy And my twitter which is my work page baileybrookesxx I will have my website up soon

Haha thanks so much hun! First interview I have ever had smile emoticon

Ash, you've been a total babe. Here's to alpha ladies rockin it and getting paid xx

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