..........breathe in this feeling

..........breathe in this feeling

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Shop Mermaid Style

Starting to put a few pieces up for sale........more added daily. Welcome to Mermaid Life

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Night x

juste avant le coucher .... je lutte avec les choses que je devrais dudit . peut-être je me trompe peut-être ..... je me trompe . mais je sais que pas mal de communiquer dans la chanson

Temps de sommeil

Amateurs français font mieux ... bonne nuit enfants x

I need the T.O.P.......

If you know me, you know me not to S.T.O.P.....

If you sign up as Side Chick....then B.E on your shit

Hold Up. Bitches Simmer Down
Never said I was exclusive but never left you alone in the C.R.O.W.D
i am A M.E.R.M.A.I.D Ms
Scoop you up quick but just as soon to k.i.c.k
you out the door
wanna act wild? cry? change the rules mid game?...B.O.R.E/WASTE TIME
See the thing about Life. 
I'm Trife, ex Dj, Artist and run risks roll of dice.
You got to decide Y.O.U
I cant do it for you..........can't be some "half" to fulfill you
I run an individual game, Kate's my name
I put you in frame for a lil, maybe the shine got you flexin a lil harder then you shoulda
Be thankful for what you got.
 I give respect but once you wild out....

It's L.O.S.T

Monday, September 28, 2015

....and like Nirvana, i'll whip you h.a.r.d.e.r

Je ne vous appeler lorsque c'est la moitié depuis cinq
La seule fois que je serai à vos côtés
je ne l'aime quand vous touchez-moi, pas me sentir
quand je suis foutu, c'est le vrai moi
lorsque je suis foutu, c'est le vrai moi, oui
je ne vous appeler lorsque c'est la moitié depuis cinq
La seule fois où j'avais jamais vous appeler la mienne
je ne l'aime quand vous touchez-moi, pas me sentir
quand je suis foutu, c'est le vrai moi
lorsque je suis foutu, c'est le vrai moi, babe

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mermaid & Wolf

We're used to the shit they wanna T.H.R.O.W son.
But we too hyphy not to say "fuck it" and make our own song


After a week of people around me getting upset about this, precious about that, whinging about shit.................... Grab a Kleenex and toughen the Fuck up. Love, Finance, Poverty, Sex, Work, Relationships...................Life ain't easy but shit, shut the fuck up and be thankful you even can afford an internet connection and device to read this................cause i've lived the streets where even that is a luxury

The Goodness Bureau ........17th Sept

Recently I got invited to the launch of a new design space in Thornbury called The Goodness Bureau. The night was so amazing and the store so beautiful, I had to pop in the next day and take some photos......a mix of art, design, homewears, gifts, clothing and everything luscious inbetween!

Its so refreshing to see more amazing places like this pop up in the Thornbury/Northcote area.
Northside just gets better by the day x

734 High St, Thornbury
visit their facebook here.....

The Bored Room ......... 26th Sept 2015

I have a love/hate relationship with performance Art.............. I feel there are some who are truly talented making a statement and some just taking the piss creating random twaddle for the sake of making some unnecessary noise in the world.

As part of Melbourne Fringe Festival, The Tenfingerz crew staged an all day live event of an "office space" inviting the public to engage in the office space, requiring them to fill in job applications, receive inter office memo's, engage in team meetings etc.

The thing about conceptual art...........takes awhile to get your head around. Some people give up quickly and some stick around to question and think.

I was confused at first but eventually understood what i was being challenged to question.............

and i decided to share my discovery on paper with black paint....

"Art not Commerce. Self Employed not an Office"

Taash and I laughed and absorbed the entire day..............the highlight for me was probably a Sweedish man in a purple wig sitting at a typewriter and writing a "friendship contract" for she and i to sign.......

we did and in return we wrote him a pay cheque and sent it in an envelope decorated with crayons

Art is crazy............. it would be easy to walk into an event like that an instantly write it off............but if you just process and actually challenge your mind about what the artist is trying to communicate?........ i left with an affirmation that my life as a visual artist is on the right track

so Tenfingerz.............Thankyou xx