..........breathe in this feeling

..........breathe in this feeling

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Beginning......

I wrote a long post on my facebook public art page thismorning about being an intelligent bitch owning her sexuality vs a dumb girl at home taking selfies in a push up bra.
But then it kinda hit me.

As women we fear being judged as whores or basically anything that doesn't make "baby mother" material.
But why?
Because we are scared we won't secure a man to be in our lives and then procreate with to then bear children who we assume will then care for us in our old age

It's all just basic survival.
What if you actually banked on yourself so much as a woman you didn't give a fuck?

I kicked off at 19 doing artist management. 20's became a Dj and at 31 i'm a Visual Artist
I've lived so many years operating in male orientated fields.

And its struck me...........

The stories I have about men on the music scene in this country.
Shit...........they can go on tour, fuck a gang of bitches, act like idiots
yo that's apparently all cool.

But you put an alpha female kinda in the public eye who is ethical and responsible in her sexual habits and suddenly thats a slut?

Certain Aust hip hop kids have been polite to date cause they know the material i have on them.
But I just woke up and realized......... i've been slut shamed so hard for them running their mouths, so i ain't got shit to lose.

So this is the call out......

I'ma start sharing s.h.i.t........

kick off................... the local guys are utter basics so lets give them a min to freak the fuck out and ponder how they bout to explain "that time" they cheated on their wives/girlfriends or attempted to.


We had a long stretch over 2 years. He'd come to Perth, I'd take him to dinner with my gay best mate. I knew artist he flossed with back in the states. He'd tell me to stop swearing. I'd tell him to use cutlery like a human instead of grasping it with his fist and looking like a dick in restaurants. We ended because he was left holding my glomesh purse at a budget nightclub in Perth and I preferred dancing with a white geek kid.

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