..........breathe in this feeling

..........breathe in this feeling

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dynamite................my Dominic

31................ive been wilding out on the party circut since i was 18
this man has been the center of my life and heart for over a decade
i wouldn't be true to myself if i didn't include him here

its a big step coming out in public as sexually open and bisexual
but once you do,,,,,,,there is no going back
i can't hide my truths

this is the man i've cried with in hotels in melbourne
the man ive fought with in adelaide
the man i've spent christmas's with in perth
the man ive gatecrashed Bjorks private party with
the man i've got drunk with on carl cox's rider and proceeded to dance onstage at big day out
the man i've called from a gutter in nsw
the man i've had to guide through caring for a duck
the man i argue over chill sauce with
the man i have spent my adult life in love with

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